BLITEOTW 2009: They Just Keep Coming

An attractive shotgun-wielding zombie hunter is visibly annoyed by three years of zombie apocalypses.

Tomorrow heralds the return of a peculiar annual tradition that just won’t die: Blog Like its the End of the World 2009. Over two years ago, Steve Wilson started promoting an unusual idea of his that involved a global zombie pandemic that swept the globe on June 13th, midnight local time, to be acted out exclusively on blogs all over the world. It was wildly popular, and rightly so, but why do the zombies keep coming? …read more

BLITEOTW 2008 Roundup

A zombie girl with a mangled teddy bear lurches forward. A zombie girl lurches forward. A zombie girl's mangled teddy bear dangles from her undead hand.

Dawn Greets a Zombie-Free World

Early morning in the zombie-free woods.

Midnight Quiets the Undead

A hand with a nasty green wound.

Small Comforts for the Approaching Night

A zombified John McCain.

Zombies in the USA

Why Did it Have to be Squirrels?

Standing zombie squirrel. Sitting zombie squirrel.

The Land Down Under Torn Asunder

An analog clock showing the time 12:12.

Zombies Too Cool for School

Trouble in the UK… Zombie Trouble

The Second Wave Has Begun