image by Veronica V. Jones

BLITEOTW 2008 Roundup

A zombie girl with a mangled teddy bear lurches forward.
A zombie girl lurches forward.
A zombie girl's mangled teddy bear dangles from her undead hand.

First, I’d like to thank our fallen hero Steven Wilson for first warning the world about the Zombie Menace well over over a year ago, on his site My Elves are Different. Thanks also go to those survivors and honored dead who left messages here, and helped me personally endure with their sometimes uplifting, but always brutally honest accounts:

P@RIX, Misty, Mata, Patrick Nottingham, Neth, A Brand New Boom , Jeremy Ruhland, Naoko @ Geminian Eyes, Sylvan (Dave), David, M H Ayinde, Patrick Nottingham, ladyfox7Oaks, Dred Pirate Bunny, Christine, Cheshil, Kerry, Ryan V , Yaseanne, Phr3d, Jacky Tar, Di @ Magickal Realism, Sarah, Arthur, Lisa, Jade, Cheshil, Novander, The Storm Cellar, Ebony14, Danica Enjolras, Tenchi Kaze, Apryl Knight, and Ooka.

I’ll add to this list as I find other personal accounts of those who really did “Blog Like it’s the End of the World.”

Written by in June of 2008. Last edited September 2014.

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