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‘Zombie’ Pandemic Hits Washington DC

While I work in our nation’s capital, I live in an extreme suburb over 30 miles away. This usually means a crowded commute of over one hour each way, but this morning started out a little light.

I dismissed this as good luck and VRE’d into the city. The big train, however, doesn’t take me quite where I need to be, so Metro is the last leg of my morning voyage. This is where things went askew.

There were far more police than normal, even for this paranoid city, and everyone seemed a little on edge. I only had to ride a few stops, but there were several people that seemed a bit more creepy than normal. I’d blame it on the flashmobbers, but they rarely wear suits… or are still acting up at 50-plus.

There’s nothing on the news sites but rail delay notices, but I’m only a few blocks from the White House, so I’m sure they’ll let us know if anything unusual or dangerous happens.

10:30 am

There’s still nothing about the walking wounded on the Metro this morning, so I suppose whatever was isn’t contagious. I don’t believe for a moment than the dead have risen.

It’s impossible to deny that something is happening, but it’s much more likely to be a weaponized virus or other kind of black bag hanky-panky than a b-movie monsterfest.

11:45 am

Local news is reporting police cording off Arlington Cemetery, while long motorcades have closed all the southbound bridges. They’re also beginning to confirm some of the riots and mayhem reported elsewhere. The paranoid voice in my head says all the fatcats are heading to their bunkers, but I haven’t heard any news to that effect… yet.

12:25 pm

Whatever they are, the carriers are causing trouble nearly everywhere now, including here in the states. The National Guard have set up shop on both corners I can see, and the normal lunchtime traffic has been replaced by streets filled with abandoned cars. There are still a few cars and delivery trucks moving outside, but it’s quiet enough to hear automatic fire in the distance.

I know a few folks up the road at Homeland, but they’re not answering the phones or IMs. Metro is certainly going to be useless now, but the big trains might still be running. Google maps says its about a mile to the station, but I’m staying put for the moment.

1:15 pm

The Guard put up a good fight, but the few stragglers that weren’t eaten beat a hasty retreat. Whatever the carriers are, they don’t seem to have much humanity left within them. The creatures are still shuffling around outside, and don’t seem to be interested in the buildings. The general wisdom seems to be simple: stay inside.

Other than a few vending machines, there’s not much food in the building. I’m going to have to leave before it gets dark. I hope DC fares better than London.

2:20 pm

It’s raining, but not enough to wash away the horrible stench from outside, even from the closed lobby doors downstairs. We can see smoke in every direction, but the sirens have stopped. The freaks outside have thinned bit, and there are a few of us here who are willing to slug south to find our families. I doubt anyone living is still holding the bridges, so the trick will be to find a vehicle and a clear path to the Potomac.

It’ll be rough, but I’ve had tougher commutes. Good luck, everyone!

Thursday, 12:30 am

Made it home a few hours ago. Everyone was safely barricaded in the basement. The carriers kept to the major population centers, so it got easier the further south we rode. I’ll never speak ill of DC Metrobus driver again — but I’ll still give them plenty of room on the roads. Once they’ve been rebuilt, that is.

It’s been quiet for the last hour, so I took a few minutes to check the news. If we’re very lucky, the trend will continue and we’ll just have to hold out ’till sometime before morning. If the situation takes a turn for the worse, we’ll head out west and take our chances in the mountains.

8:10 am

They all ‘died’ a few hours ago. Whatever was driving the carriers on stopped an hour or so before sunrise this morning. Hopefully everyone who’s posted — often using the darkly funny keyword ‘BLITEOTW’ — will check in to assess the damage. The biggest loss so far locally is the Pentagon, with the 9:30 club a close second. I’m certain we can and will rebuild, and I know it’s crazy, but can’t shake a nagging little concern: someone mentioned that next year June 13th is on a Friday. Do you feel lucky?

Written by in June of 2007. Last edited March 2017.

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  • the Barrow-Wight - June 13th, 2007 at 11:28 am

    Listen man – get all the food, water, and if you can’t get a damn gun a small pick axe might do (you cash them in the brains with it) and hole up somewhere. They will rot, but it takes time. Only the recently deceased can ambulate. Good luck. My parents saw this kinda thing back in the sixties here in Western Pennsylvania. We can beat them – I heard on short wave there’s already hunting parties out around here taking out these chowder heads. Hope where you’re at allows red necks to own guns.

  • Obvious Z - June 13th, 2007 at 12:25 pm

    They clearly taken over most of NYC by now. I can see half the city in flames from my rooftop.