image by Veronica V. Jones

The Land Down Under Torn Asunder

An analog clock showing the time 12:12.

It’s just after midnight here, and while we now have no illusions about this event being anything other than deadly real, everyone is still in relatively high spirits. Those who think they can sleep are trying, and the others watch the monitors for any signs of trouble.

If Australia is any indication, it may be morning before any unusual events hit the networks. The situation looks rough, but workable for Steve, while “Lab Brat” is holed up somewhere hopefully well-insulated from the horde.

Stranger still, Tiara published a short, but very confusing entry referring to “something that looked like people floating” and several sudden disappearances. No one here knows what to make of it.

Maybe it’ll make more sense after I get a few hours sleep.

original photo Past Midnight by Jasper Greek Lao Golangco

Written by in June of 2008. Last edited March 2017.

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