Heroic Feats of Fantasy

Rhonda Libbey

A woman in plate armor gazes upward.
A distraught woman huddles in bed with words scrawled on the walls around her.
A man with large brown wings and a gas mask brandishes two pistols.
A woman with long red hair is seduced by a pale tattooed man.

One of the eternal quandaries posed by countless philosophers concerns the origin of heroes: are they born or made? While many might postulate the existence of some innate spark in those who shine in moments of conflict, it seems more likely that Rhonda Libbey finds that it is otherwise ordinary people who rise to greatness in the face of extraordinary situations.

With a penchant for surprising juxtapositions of the mundane and the mythological, Ms. Libbey explores both the origins of fantasy, and more modern interpretations of the unreal. Medieval heroes and legendary evils throughout history are revealed as both innately human and ideally suited to rise above the limits of mortality in times of need. She also reveals more modern trials, exploring the treacherous decent some poor souls into undergo madness.

Whatever force or circumstance that gives rise to heroism, Rhonda captures these conflicts between good and evil quite capably. Through her works, we are cautioned that this battle is ongoing, and far closer to us all then we may have hoped.

Written by in May of 2013. Last edited September 2014.

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