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Veronica’s 2007 Convention Season Begins

The life of a freelance illustrator, while more glamorous than you can possibly imagine, is also quite hectic. Veronica V. Jones‘ schedule, for example, is filled with long stretches of quiet introspection and the gentle pursuit of her craft, but each spring heralds an onslaught of fantasy gaming conventions. With these events come wild fits of preparation, weary travel, and frantic fandom.

This latest season of chaos officially begins for her — and I, her loyal minion — this Friday in nearby Richmond Virginia at RavenCon. A young convention in it’s second year, Ravencon’s guest list is heavily peopled by science fiction and horror authors, and does not yet boast an actual art room. Veronica, however, will be contributing to most of the art panels, and I have a contingency plan involving some traveling display panels and the illicit occupation of a supply closet.

The star of Veronica’s tour is Origins — the weirdest thing to happen to Columbus, Ohio — just after the July 4th holiday. It’s a huge, cuddly monster of a gaming convention, and while it will be hard to top last year’s best fantasy work award, Veronica will certainly try.

Rounding out the circuit is a dark horse: the Halloween Art Spooktacular, which will be haunting St. Joseph, Missouri in early October. It’s a benefit for Mount Mora Cemetery, and seems to be more of a themed gallery showing than Veronica’s traditional convention fare. So, if you find yourself in one of these far-flung locations, find Ms. Jones and tell her to think of her poor lackeys, and find closer venues!

July Update: The Spooktacular is out, and a angry little gathering called Con on the Cob is in!

Written by in April of 2007. Last edited March 2017.

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