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image by Veronica V. Jones

Highlights from San Diego Comic Con 2009

The Tron Legacy title card. A concept illustration of an alien woman from James Cameron's Avatar. Joseph Fiennes surveying the aftermath of the Flash Forward.

While no fan of mega media conventions, I still feel the small sharp sting of jealousy for those willing and able to brush elbows with hordes of costumed fanboys and self-published fanfic authors for the chance to glean the latest genre media gems.

Even though Comic Con’s track record for predicting mainstream success is questionable at best, there were more than a few projects that deserve to succeed:

Tron Legacy – If home is the greatest science fiction film of my childhood, It sure looks like you can go back again. in 3D.

James Cameron’s double feature of genre goodness Avatar and Battle Angel Alita might be a bit father off, but he’ll work his box office mojo on these high-concept spectacles. These films will also be produced in 3D.

Flash Forward – a simplified, televised version of Robert J. Sawyer’s compelling tale of a global premonition and resulting chaos will hopefully only be made close enough to Lost to guarantee a nice long run on ABC.

There were plenty of other properties that vied for our attentions, but the ones I’ve listed above are the projects that I’ll be watching with great anticipation. Have I missed anything important?

Just to be clear, I haven’t forgotten about District 9 or the wickedly cuddly 9, but I was well-informed of both of those awesome films well before last weekend.

Written by in July of 2009. Last edited September 2014.

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