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image by Veronica V. Jones

Origins 2007 Art Show Report

Bride of Davey Jones by Robert Scott.
Robert Scott
WWII Marine Girl by Andrew Bawidamann.
Andrew Bawidamann
Bloody Mary by Heather Kreiter.
Heather Kreiter

The 2007 edition of the Origins Art Show was an explosion of fantasy and science fiction artistry, and everyone who missed it will have a slightly less fantastic life as a result. In an attempt to minimize — or even reverse — their slide into mundanity, here are some of the awards presented to the most compelling works:

“Bride of Davey Jones” by Robert ScottBest Fantasy *
“Piper” by Andy HoppBest Fiction
“WWII Marine Girl” by Andrew BawidamannBest Color *
“Bloody Mary” by Heather KreiterBest Monochrome *
“Buccaneers & Pirates” by Jeff MengesBest Historical
“Barrow of the Forgotten” by Steve PrescottBest Game Related
“Come Hell or High Water” by Ren Hasting – Best 3D / Mixed Media
“Geisha Blossoms” by Heather KreiterBest Contemporary, two years running!

Others who lent their considerable talents to the event include: Ed Beard Jr., Jeff Carlisle, Jason Cole, Dan Cortopasti, johnathan darkly, Larry Elmore, Jason Engle, Minerva Inciong, Veronica V. Jones, Joe Kovach, Doug Kovacs, Robert Kraus, Tim Lantz, Theresa MatherJeremy McHugh, Brian Miskelly, Jeff Prescott, Chris Pritchard, Nigel Sade, Kay & Tony Steele, Charles Urbach, Daio Waltz, David K. Wong, and Cornelia Yoder.

* Featured Image

Written by in July of 2007. Last edited March 2017.

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  • Robert Scott - July 12th, 2007 at 11:18 am

    For completion’s sake, my classmate, the illustrious Jason Cole, can be found online at http://jojamamida.com/

  • Jeff - July 12th, 2007 at 12:03 pm

    Thanks for the update, and congrats on the awards!