Fine Fantasy Artists Awarded

image by Veronica V. Jones

Origins 2009 Art Show Report

Jeff Carlisle's Doctor Who montage.
Jason Banditt Adams' Lady Britannia stands majestically.
Echo Chernik's Pie Cthulu shows a lovely woman wearing a corset in the embrace of a large octopus' tentacles.

Once again, in a dark alcove of Columbus, Ohio, a secretive cabal of judges have cast their bones and divined the highlights of this year’s Origins Art Show:

“Sweeny Jack” by David Wong – Best Monochrome
“Stayin’ for Dinner Yet?” by Mike BocianowskiBest Color
“Dragon Skull” by Brent Barrett – Best 3D/Mixed Media
“Dr. Who” by Jeff CarlisleBest SciFi *
“Martini Fairy” by Alain ViescaBest Fantasy
“Lady Britannia” by Jason Banditt AdamsBest Historical *
“Pie Cuthulu” by Echo ChernikBest Contemporary *
“Ardent” by Chris PritchardBest Game

A wide variety of creative skills rounded out the gallery, including the works of: Andrew Bawidamann, Ed Beard Jr., Amanda Becher, Lydia Burris, Gina Canady-Adler, Heather Cornelius, Chris Curran, johnathan darkly, Ren Hastings, Andy Hopp, Veronica Jones, Robert A. Kraus, Heather Kreiter, Amul Kumar, Theresa Mather, Joshua David, Brian Miskelly, Steve Prescott, Nigel Sade, Tony Steele, Charles Urbach, Donna Waltz, Brent Woodside, and Cornelia Yoder.

A larger venue with plenty of ambiance and the able management of Thesser and Giggles helped make this year a show to remember!

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Written by in June of 2009. Last edited September 2014.

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