image by Veronica V. Jones

Jon’s Latest Realtime 3D Animation

Jon has added a new interactive 3d animation to luminous shadows, featuring a shapely Japanese woman floating in outer space. She’s wearing what looks like a shiny blue longjohns, but Jon swears it’s a futuristic spacesuit. We’ll take him at his word.

Using the arcticPigs 3d viewer, you can see his latest realtime 3d character from any angle — and she looks good from all of them.

ArcticPigs is only available for the Windows version of Internet Explorer, so Mac and ‘Nix folks will need to look to a friend to experience the vastness of Sumi’s space.

The ArcticPigs technology was cutting edge five years ago, but hasn’t kept up with modern browsers. Jon now features Sumi and his other characters in something he calls jigglestereo.

Written by in August of 2004. Last edited September 2014.

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