Emily Fiegenschuh

A mirthful fairy with fluorescent wings laughs while clutching her belly. An female Inuit wind giant stands, long dark hair trailing behind her. A young woman clutches her hand while looking in fear at the image of a skull behind her.

It would be an easy mistake to quickly glance at the playful illustrations and youthful characters that dominate Emily Fiegenschuh‘s gallery and presume that she has exclusively played in the children’s illustration market. Looking beyond her watercolor whimsy, however, will reveal a far deeper and broader understanding of her artistic acumen.

Ms. Fiegenschuh has a talent for not only …read more

Jeremy Mohler

A man with a mechanical eye examines a glowing chip. A sketelon coverd in glowing runes wears a firery crown. An Innuit man stands holding a spear and whip.