A Master's Passing

image by Veronica V. Jones

Jeffrey Catherine Jones Remembered

A photograph of Jeffrey Catherine Jones.
A muscular man wearing a loincloth crouches on a tree limb.
A woman with long brown hair rides a white horse.
A wiry man with a long scarf readies his sword.

If ever there was a modern artist who broke more artistic barriers and transcended more artistic mediums than Jeffrey Catherine Jones, then they most certainly did so in secrecy. From comic strips and pulp covers to expressionistic paintings and somber watercolors, Ms. Jones explored the farthest reaches and wildest expressions of fantasy art.

With a body of work first established in the late sixties, Jeffrey is certainly responsible for influencing and defining many generations of artists. Rick Berry best captured this when he said “… I feel like Jeffrey suffered much of the hard work of making those choices for me and a generation of artists—without our having to pay the tuition.”

Fellow-master Frank Frazetta’s proclamation that Ms. Jones is “the greatest living painter” is no longer true, but thankfully her exceptional vision lives on in her phenomenal illustrations and the innumerable artists influenced by her insight.

Written by in May of 2011. Last edited September 2014.

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